Brian Molnar

For over a decade Brian Molnar has been carrying his acoustic guitar and wrought melodies across the United States and Europe, connecting audiences with a feeling of American tradition and unique thoughtfulness that has been too often diluted in recent memory. Now, with a new album of traditional songs, Old Paint, and sharing the stage with contemporaries such as Ralph Stanley, Chris Hillman, Bernie Worrell, Garth Hudson, Neal Cassal, and Kinky Friedman, it seems that a genuine Americana resurgence is upon us, with each of Brian’s new releases setting its tone.

Brian is credited with the production of Kinky Friedman’s last two albums, The Loneliest Man I Ever Met (2015) and The Circus of Life (2018). The artist’s first two album’s since the 1970s, they are both critically acclaimed and loved by fans. Over the past few years, Brian and Kinky have toured the country as well as overseas, selling out venues coast to coast. 

Brian Molnar's album, "Of the Fall" spent 4 weeks standing strong at #1 on the World Wide Roots 66 chart, and remained in the top 10 nearly 4 months after it’s release. His prior live record "Miss You" hit #7 on the Roots Music Report chart in NY, and #36 country-wide, while his previous studio work "Temperance & the Devil" peaked at #27 on AMA (Americana) chart, and #9 on the FAR radio chart in Europe and USA. 

With a new upcoming album, a full tour schedule and a promising track record, Brian Molnar will be a name to remember in the coming years.

“...Old Paint is can’t go wrong with those songs...voice is sweet and strong--bravo.”
-Michael Simmons, Mojo

"...they continue to push the boundaries of Americana in sound and spirit beyond what has become an ossification too frequent in the form."
-Chris Spectre, Midwest Record, on "Of the Fall"

"Treading the midnight highway dividing line between country and the Ash Grove, he evokes a turning point just before everything changed and too much got lost."
-Mark S. Tucker, Fame, on "Of the Fall"

"Just when you have had your fill of artists who can obtain a great studio-produced sound, but lack luster onstage (or downright "suck, live"), or in a parallel universe deliver showmanship and power in concert whilst never being able to focus and produce a decent studio record, here is a band that thankfully can capture both."
-Torchy Blaine, WDVR FM, on "Miss You"